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Are you looking for some fun activities to play with your child? Whilst learning together at the same time? Well look no further! Below you can stream a selection of tutorial videos that will show you how you can play enjoyable games with your child, whilst also teaching them simple sports skills. These videos are aimed at children aged 18 months - 5 years old.


We are excited to offer you our first set of videos which are all based around football! We encourage you to join in with your child throughout the activities, so make sure you've warmed up too!


What they'll learn

Your child will learn a range of different football skills including: heading the ball, passing, throwing, goalkeeping, dribbling, as well as taking part in fun games such as "walk around the garden"! Not only will your child develop skills specific to football, but they will also be developing their communication skills, numeracy and their understanding of the world. Read our blog post to find out more about the transferable skills that our programme teaches your children.

Who you'll learn from


Our founder, Jan Morgan, has been visiting nurseries and teaching the Tots in Sport programme for over 25 years. She has now begun to turn her classes into tutorial videos, so that even more children can benefit from the unique programme. Throughout our videos, Jan will coach you through each simple activity and will explain how you can play and learn to the best of your child's ability. There will also be some smiley toddlers making an appearance who'll be demonstrating how each activity is done!

What you'll need

You will need some basic equipment in order to participate in the activities within our programme.


- Football(s)

- Hoops

- Cones

We would recommend having a minimum of one football. You can also buy balls of different sizes to make the activities more dynamic for your child (some activities will be harder with a larger ball, or harder with a smaller ball and so on).

We've found an affordable supplier for you to purchase appropriate hoops and cones from, including free next day delivery, so you can start your activities straight away!:

4 x Hoops (£12)

25 x Cones (£10.80)

Guidline video

Watch our Guideline Video

Before beginning the Tots in Sport programme with your child, please watch our Guideline Video, which will give you some useful tips on how to play and communicate with your child successfully throughout the programme.