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Top 10 Kids & Family Halloween Movies

It's the week of Halloween! And what better way to celebrate than curling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and a spooky movie for all the family to enjoy?

Below we list our top 10 Halloween films for you and the family to watch this week. 

10. Scooby-Doo

If you or your kids have ever watched Scooby-Doo on the TV, then this is sure to be a family favourite for everyone to enjoy! The highlights of this film are the comical performances from Freddie Prinze Junior as a very smug and 'pretty boy' version of Fred, with Matthew Lillard playing over-panicked and ever-hungry Shaggy to a tee!

9. Hotel Transylvania

When checking the TV guide for 31st October, I spotted this film in the listings. It stars the popular comedy actor Adam Sandler as the voice of Dracula and previous Disney Channel star Selana Gomez as the voice of Mavis. I haven't personally watched this film, but it has a fairly good rating on IMDb and it must be worth a watch if it's been selected for a Halloween screening! Tune in to ITV2 at 7.05pm on Tuesday 31st October to watch it.

8. Snow White

Perhaps not a typical Halloween movie, yet I recall feeling quite spooked at the queen's transformation into the ghastly old woman! And it's quite terrifying when the woods come alive around Snow White. A great Disney classic with a few spooky elements in there to satisfy your Halloween needs!

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Made by the brilliant creative mind of Tim Burton and set entirely around Halloween itself. Its themes and visuals are dark in nature, and become a little lighter when Jack Skellington discovers 'Christmas Town' and attempts to bring Christmas back home to 'Halloween Town'. A beautifully crafted masterpiece.

6. The Little Vampire

This 2000 film stars the sweet child actor Jonathan Lipnicki, who starred in the family film 'Stuart Little'. In this film the young boy forms an unlikely friendship with a young vampire. It's a great film for introducing children into the myths and legends of vampires.

5. Monster House

In this film, 3 children believe that a house on their street is in fact a real life monster! This is a great movie for the little ones who can enjoy the playful animations of the house that comes alive.

4. The Addams Family 

I think there'll be a character in this film that everyone in the family can relate to! Wednesday Addams is a particular favourite for girls to dress up as on Halloween. A comical film with plenty for the whole family to laugh at.

3. Ghostbusters

I remember watching this film as a kid, and I loved the way that they brought the ghouls to life. My favourite has to be the tubby green ghoul in the library at the start! Some great wit delivered by Bill Murray and Rick Moranis always makes me laugh in every role I've seen him in, and playing geeky Louis Tully in this film is no exception!

2. Casper