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The 8 major sports perfect for children’s development!

Tots in Sport believes in teaching a wide variety of sports to preschool children. The classes encompass many new experiences and equipment, allowing children to have the opportunity to explore specific sports they may have a leaning towards in the future.

The introduction for toddlers incorporates the use of soft brightly coloured beanie animals, quoits for developing strength and textured balls covering a variety of sizes, hoops and cones. As the physical capabilities strengthen, so does the variety of sports and technical skill acquisition. We regularly rotate the sports so that there is a constant variety from repetitive activities.

We have a host of eight different sports for your girls and boys to experience:


During basketball classes, brightly coloured, soft latex balls are used to provide our toddlers. This allows a realistic feel and a slow bounce to enhance the opportunity for preschoolers to track, bounce, throw, pass, catch and of course shoot the ball!


The Volleyball classes encompass the opportunity for preschoolers to use a small net to gain the concept of playing in teams and the objective of dividing a court area. Toddlers will learn the basic skills and learn to control the ball through fun drills and play.


Small, fully strung tennis rackets are used when teaching your little ones the basic regressions and progressions to tennis. They are able to perform racket skills and techniques like volleys and groundstrokes. Soft, slow bouncing balls are used to retain the safety element during the classes.


Light and brightly coloured balls are used when boys and girls learn to play football. We have an abundance of skills for the children to learn as well as using various parts of the foot to control, stop, kick (big and little), pass and shoot! We also teach goalkeeping, throwing and introduce playing in small sided teams through fun games, dependent on their age and confidence!


Small, soft foam bats and balls are used when learning the fundamental skills of playing cricket. Our toddlers love to hit the ball off of a cone and using aero plane arms when learning to bowl a ball. Learning to throw, catch and roll a ball are included and the children love the fun fielding drills. I never knew how competitive a toddler could be until playing these games with friends! The children quickly become part of the spirit of cricket.


Our realistic, soft size 2 rugby balls are used during the classes. All children have the opportunity to learn to roll, track, stop, scoop, throw, kick, catch and touch down with the ball. The most popular activity seems to be that the children learn to dive on the ball. Their low height is perfect for this activity. We’re on the lookout for the next Owen Farrell or Sarah Hunter!


Mini Unihoc sticks and air hockey balls are used when the preschoolers play hockey. Learning to control a fast moving ball is a real skill and learning stick control is a challenge to overcome. Students play both individually and in pairs to learn how to pass, stop, control and shoot as well as having the opportunity to play goalkeeper and learn the concept of playing with friends to form small sided teams.


Who loves to run, hop, skip and jump? Just about everyone loves these activities. These classes will test speed, balance, agility, control, throwing skills and coordination. Watch your children fly over the hurdles and preschoolers being challenged with pacing between them. This is a fully extensive introduction to the sport that offers something for everyone!

Come and join the fun, there’s something for everyone at Tots in Sport!

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