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The 8 Gifts of Christmas - Last Minute Gift Ideas for Toddlers

If you're struggling to think of a gift for a little one in your life, do not fear! We've spoken to some experts on the matter - parent bloggers! We asked various parent bloggers about the gifts that their toddlers have loved over the last couple of years.

And here's what they had to say...

(P.S. we've also included links to the products, with a delivery or collection service that will arrive by Christmas!)

1.  Wooden Train Track Set

"What he really liked and got the most use out of is a simple wooden train track set. We play with it time and time again. We also have a toy lawnmower that has gone through 3 children and still going strong!"

Buy here.

- Jenny Lord of Midwife and Life

2. Tea Set

"One of our most loved toys has definitely got to be a tea set! It can be played with all seasons and can definitely grow with them.... we’ve had one at my Grandma's that has done 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild now and is still so loved!"

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- Sophie Gratton of Vitiligo Mum

3. Play Tent

"I’m very excited about this play tent shop from Chad valley at Argos. I like the fact he can play with it indoors on a rainy day our outside in the summer too. I think his big sister (5.5) will enjoy it with him too!"

Buy here.

- Jodie Humphries of Maidenhead Mum

4. Potty Training Bing

"My twin girls love their 'Potty Training Bing' and it's helping them to understand potty training so this has been both fun and educational!"

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- Anna Miller of Life and Adventures with Twins

5. Wooden Rainbow Bridge

"My toddler loves his Grimms wooden rainbow. It is used as bridges for trains, cars and people to go under and over, it can be stacked into a tower, it can be used in small world play plus it is so pretty!"

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- Emma Lofthouse-Burch of They Grow So Quick

6. A Toot-Toot Collection

"My toddler's favourite gift has definitely been his toot-toot collection!"

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- Keighley Miles

7. Personalised Christmas Book

"I got a personalised Christmas book for my 18-month-old this year. It's educational and at the same time a fun way to teach kids the meaning of Christmas. Because it's personalised, it also feels as if the story is about them. And it's a great keepsake gift that can be cherished for many years to come."

Buy here.

- Zuzana Vascurova of Being a Mama Abroad

8. Kinetic Sand Castle Playset

"My 5 year old was given a Kinetic Sand Castle Playset for his birthday and his then 2 year old sister (now 3) loves it. It keeps her happily entertained for good periods of time so Mummy can do things like the washing