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How to Take Care of Toddlers During Winter Activities

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping kids active during the winter months. No one should let the weather hold kids back from being active and getting the fresh air they need. But there are some precautions to take when playing outside in the winter, as children become exposed to a cold and wet environment.

So here are our top tips for playing outdoors in the winter:

GLOVES! HATS! SCARVES! Do not go outside until you've fully prepped your child in all of the necessary attire to keep them warm and dry.

RESTRICT HOLDING THINGS! Don't do any activities outside that require them to grip something small, like a ball. Due to the gloves, the ball will easily slip out of their hands. They could still be capable of holding something larger, such as a racket, so try this out with them and see how they manage with their gloves.

KEEP THEM MOVING! Ensure that the kids are continuously moving around, whether this be jumping about, or touching their toes or their belly button.

ADAPT! Time to put your thinking cap on. Adapt any usual activities that you play outside to consider the cold and damp atmosphere. This could be adding breaks in between activities to pop inside and warm up, or eliminating any fast running or movement that could cause them to slip on the grass.

HELPING HAND! If the ground is damp, make sure to hold on to your little one as much as possible as you partake in activities, to help with their balance on the damp grass and avoid any slipping. If you can, get someone else to join in too to take on this role.

FOCUS! As always, try to keep their focus and engagement throughout the activities by always including them and asking them questions "can you point to the big ball?" "can you count along with me? 1, 2, 3".

FUN! And remember to have fun! 


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