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Our Story

Jan Morgan

Jan Morgan is the founder of Tots in Sport. Jan started her career by working in London for several years. She soon learned that an office job wasn’t going to spark inspiration and fulfil her ultimate ambition.


Her childhood years were consumed by playing a variety of sports including; hockey, tennis to county standard, and athletics at high competition level.


Her vision turned to her positive sports experiences and the ways in which she could help children to achieve their dreams. She qualified in a variety of Sport Coaching Qualifications to underpin her intrinsic knowledge and passion for Sport.


With this in mind, she left her office job and launched a Sports Coaching business. Initially the company focused on teaching multi sports to children of primary age and above. The lessons also engaged children in sports such as football, tennis, hockey and cricket.


Her work with older children inspired a realisation that if these activities were carefully regressed, it could enhance and physically develop children of pre-school age. This marked the birth of Tots in Sport.


During the years that followed, Jan continued to develop an entire teaching system that was specifically designed for pre-school children. The programme introduced activities for children from the ages of 18 months to 5 years. The benefits were immediately evident and demonstrated capabilities from pre-schoolers that she had never imagined possible.


As her experience grew, so did the programme. Not only did she introduce an increasing variety of sports but she learned how to communicate the activities in a way that the children could understand and enjoy. These skills have taken years to foster and each path of learning has helped children to achieve their developmental milestones.


Her work with parents and children in public communities and private and Montessori nursery settings began to roll out the experiences of Tots in Sport to a wider audience. Nursery groups benefited from staff training to comprehend the ethos and implement the activities into their own settings. Birthday parties, Sports Days, Fetes and Nursery Open Days also evolved.


After a multitude of years, and oodles of fun hanging out with the children, Jan has decided to step back from her active coaching position. She is now wishing to share her knowledge and experience to enable a new generation to continue the vision that she started so many years ago.

You can contact Jan if you have any questions about the Tots in Sport programme.

Activities for preschoolers - Jan Morgan teaching goalkeeping to toddlers during a football lesson - Tots in Sport
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