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Activities for preschoolers - a toddler controlling the ball during a football lesson - Tots in Sport

Welcome to our Tots in Sport programme! This is a unique physical development programme specifically designed for preschoolers, to help them in their early years of development. Our tutorial videos will guide you through the teaching process of the programme. Find out more about the course here.

Football Course

Stream the first instalment of our programme: the football course!

Throughout this course, preschoolers will learn how to drop kick the ball, head the ball, dribble the ball and lots more, as well as participate in fun games!

Preschoolers should engage in all 4 parts of the course in order to gain a full understanding of football and to ensure that they are progressing in all the key areas of physical development.

Please watch our Guideline Video before beginning the course!


It will explain how you can successfully participate in the course, in order for the children you are playing with to learn and progress to the best of their ability.

Video Guidelines
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Who you'll be learning from


Our founder, Jan Morgan, has been visiting nurseries and teaching the Tots in Sport programme for over 25 years. The programme is now being made available digitally and throughout our video programme, Jan will coach you through each simple activity and will explain how you can play and learn to the best of your child's ability.

Find out more about Jan's story here.

Why Tots in Sport?

As we produce more videos on our site, not only will your child develop skills specific to certain sports, but they will also be developing themselves in a range of different areas, such as:


  • Communication

  • Problem solving

  • Confidence

  • Numeracy

  • Their understanding of the world


Read our blog post to find out more about the transferable skills that our programme provides.

What our customers have to say

"My almost 3 year old absolutely loves Tots in Sport. My son's interest in sport has soared since doing Tots in Sport...and he loves it so much. Would thoroughly recommend Tots in Sport to anyone with children."

- Helen Glanfield, Parent

"The children have developed their physical development, they've shown an interest in different types of sports, they enjoy the ball games and their attention and listening skills have developed alongside this. Jan talks them through it very carefully, quietly and slowly so they understand what Jan is asking of them. And they repeat those activities so they get an idea of what is expected of them. Activities are tailored for all the children's ages and their abilities, they're easy to take part in and the children are able to follow them. I feel children would benefit from carrying on these activities at home."

- Tracy Harding, Nursery School Manager

"My daughter thoroughly enjoys Tots in Sport. Rather than sitting at home watching television, this is part of her day instead, which she loves."

- Amanda Gooch, Parent

"Having seen the content of Jan’s physical development programme, I can highly recommend it to parents with pre-school aged children. As a new Dad myself, I’ve learned a lot from the activities and look forward to doing them with Eleanor."

- Jamie Thomson, Parent


Once you sign up to our Programme, you will also receive:

So, if you are looking for some fun activities to play with a child in your life, whilst learning together and developing key skills at the same time, why not try out Football Part 1 now for just 99p! 

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