Frequently asked questions

How long are the lessons?

The lessons are 30 minutes.

How many children are in a class?

Group sizes are kept small and will consist of a maximum of 12 children.

How much are the lessons?

The lesson cost may vary and this is dependent on the hall hire charges. Upon booking your first course online, it will include a one-off charge of £29.99 which covers the Tots in Sport kit which most children wear to the lessons.

Can I do a trial lesson?

Yes, you are welcome to do a trial lesson, once there is a space available. This will be charged at a rate of £8 and should be paid online and prior to the lesson.

I am on the waiting list, how will I know if a space is available?

Rest assured, you have not been forgotten. We will contact you as soon as a space becomes available.

When should I pay?

Payment should be made before the first day of the lesson. NO place is guaranteed without payment and enrolling first.

I’m not sure how my child will react at the first lesson?

All children are different and it is not unusual for them to be shy with a new teacher and classmates. Don’t worry if your child is reluctant to join in. Some children will spend time just watching and absorbing their surroundings first. Persevere with them and with a little encouragement they will be up and playing in no time. If you have any concerns then speak to your coach at the end of the lesson.

What happens if I don’t wish to continue?

If you choose not to continue after the first lesson, we require that you notify us of this within 24 hours of the lesson. There will be a charge for the lesson that you attended but the remainder will be refunded.

Where are the lessons held?

The lessons are held in an indoor venue. This could be a sports hall, community centre, school, leisure centre or church hall. At the time of writing (May 2021) our venues are: St Nicholas Parish Church, Poplar Grove, Maidstone ME16 0DE; Bat and Ball Centre, Cramptons Road, off Otford Road, Sevenoaks TN14 5DN; St George’s Church Hall, Bickley Park Road, Bickley, Bromley, Kent BR1 2BE; Kingshill Community Centre, 70 Gibson Drive, Kingshill, West Malling ME19 4LG; Albany Park Baptist Church, Stanstead Crescent, Bexley DA5 3JB

How will I find out where the lessons take place?

Head over to the book a lesson section and you will find details of venue addresses in Greater London and Kent.

Can I join part way through a term?

The courses are ongoing, so you can join at anytime. Fees will be charged pro-rata accordingly. You may still register even if the start date has passed.

What are the term dates?

The course dates are listed on our website for course enrolment. Please note that there are no lessons over the school holidays or bank holidays.

Are the lessons fully insured?

All Tots in Sport lessons are insured by a leading childcare insurance company and cover both personal accident and public liability.

Are your coaches trained?

Our coaches hold full coaching qualifications and have undergone our comprehensive Tots in Sport in house training scheme.

What should I bring with me?

We advise that you bring suitable refreshments for your child after the lesson.

What should they wear?

It is advised that comfortable and supportive footwear is worn. Sandals, Crocs and Welllington boots are not advised. Comfortable clothing should be worn. Your Tots in Sport kit will be supplied during the first course and the majority of children wear this.

Can I bring younger siblings to the lesson?

Yes, but we ask that siblings are kept clear of the playing area. Please ensure that they do not disturb the lesson or play with any equipment, unless it has been offered by the coach.

My child loves Tots in Sport how can I make sure that they can continue next term?

Once you have enrolled them, their place will automatically be reserved for the following term. We will send you an email (with plenty of notice) when the next term dates will be available. A deadline will be stated in the email of when you need to rebook by. This will give you priority before we remove your child from the lesson and offer the place to someone on the waiting list.

Will my child automatically move up to the older age group?

Our online booking system will not automatically move your child up to the next age group. If the classes you attend are busy, it is worth adding your child to the waiting list sooner rather than later to ensure you are notified as soon as a place becomes available.

All of the lessons are full, can I place my child in an older lesson?

Each lesson is designed for a specific age group. The pace of the older lesson is faster and more challenging skills are achieved. It is therefore not appropriate to have a mix of ages outside of the recommended age groups.

Are you taking any COVID precautions?

In accordance with guidelines and to ensure infection control, all equipment is regularly cleaned with antibacterial treatment.