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Jan Morgan


Hi, I'm Jan Morgan, the founder of Tots in Sport. I'm a fully qualified Tennis Coach, Short Tennis Coach and Hockey Coach through the United States Professional Tennis Registry and the Lawn Tennis Association specialising in teaching younger children. I started my coaching journey in 1985.

During the years that followed, I continued to develop an entire teaching system for pre-school aged children. By developing a diverse range of activities, I found that it was possible to teach younger children the fundamental skills necessary to enhance their Physical Development.

My work with parents and children in public communities and private and Montessori nursery
settings has rolled out the experience of Tots in Sport to a wider audience. I've learned how to communicate the activities in a way that children can enjoy and understand. This has led to
thousands of children delighting in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and helping them to achieve their dreams.

Activities for preschoolers - Jan Morgan teaching goalkeeping to toddlers during a football lesson - Tots in Sport

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