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2 - 3 years

Please still play with and support your child. The more that they receive your one to one
help, the quicker they will improve and move on to more progressive skills.

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In these lessons, the emphasis is towards specific skill acquisition. Kicking, catching, tracking, and imaginative play are all important focal points. The children will learn to become more independent, improve listening skills, and master the concepts of sharing,
taking turns and developing social skills.

Specific sports are introduced and through the teaching structure, the children will start to show more control over all aspects of their bodies. Skills will become more coordinated, bodies strengthen and balance improves. As more instructions are given, the children are able to manage more complex moves such as bounce and catch a ball, track and hit a ball using (big and little hits), dribbling, passing a ball and lots more!


Each sport is usually played for two weeks before offering the variety
and introduction of another sport. The lessons are designed in a continuous and progressive
manner, reducing repetition and enhancing new experiences.

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Football

  • Rugby

  • Cricket

  • Hockey

  • Athletics

All ball sports are introduced, including:

Key information

  • Parent participation is essential for children aged between 18 months to 3 years. This gives parents, grandparents and carers a great opportunity to play and bond during those special developmental milestones, alongside offering the necessary support to help your children to succeed. When children reach the age of 3 years (if not before), parents are asked to step back and encourage their child’s independence. This will also help them to develop social skills and friendship bonds with other children.


  • Each lesson takes place for 30 minutes. This allows time for structured teaching content and of course fun games.


  • The lessons take place every week throughout term time.


  • The maximum group size is 12 children. By maintaining small groups, it offers the children plenty of support throughout the lesson. Your coach is always on hand to make sure that everyone is included and progressing regardless of ability.


  • There is a £29.99 membership fee and this provides membership until the age of 5 years and includes a team kit including toddler sport shorts and toddler sports tee, a toddler sport bottle, weekly stickers.

  • All coaches carry a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) Certificate and suitable Insurance and First Aid kit.

For more information visit our FAQ.

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