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18 Months
to 2 Years

Your child’s journey of activity and physical development starts here! As your child improves week by week, our fun and professional coach will be here to help your little ones to excel in life.

An introduction to sport

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At this young age, we aim to develop your child’s concentration through fun based activities.


For many of the children it will be their first introduction to sport and the equipment. This will be done in a gradual and safe manner. The children will have the opportunity to play with animal beanies, balls of all sizes (including basketballs, rugby balls and footballs), quoits, hoops, even tennis rackets!

You will be surprised to see the range of sports toddlers can do!

The lesson focus is on developing upper body strength, body awareness, including balance, coordination, spatial awareness, experience of concepts such as big/small, loud/quiet, shapes, colours, lines, in front and behind of. All of the activities are in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stages.

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Foot/eye and hand/eye coordination will be challenging and our expectations at this age is for the children to perform one task at a time and for their control to be limited; for example ball throws and kicks will be big. Children will learn most through repetition and their confidence and level of enjoyment will grow enormously with our endless patience and dedication.

It is expected that they will at times become distracted and frustrated. This is normal and they will rely on their parents, grandparents and relatives for guidance and encouragement, as well as their coach. If a child sees someone they know having fun, they will tend to join in with the fun too!

Key information

  • Parent participation is essential for children aged between 18 months to 3 years. This gives parents, grandparents and carers a great opportunity to play and bond during those special developmental milestones, alongside offering the necessary support to help your children to succeed. When children reach the age of 3 years (if not before), parents are asked to step back and encourage their child’s independence. This will also help them to develop social skills and friendship bonds with other children.


  • Each lesson takes place for 30 minutes. This allows time for structured teaching content and of course fun games.


  • The lessons take place every week throughout term time.


  • The maximum group size is 12 children. By maintaining small groups, it offers the children plenty of support throughout the lesson. Your coach is always on hand to make sure that everyone is included and progressing regardless of ability.


  • There is a £29.99 membership fee and this provides membership until the age of 5 years and includes a team kit, water bottle, weekly stickers.

  • All coaches carry a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) Certificate and suitable Insurance and First Aid kit.

  • Want to see what sports 2 year olds can do? Sign up today! 

For more information visit our FAQ.

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